Descaling Liquide Compatible with Saeco CA6700/10 Delonghi DLSC200 For Coffee Machine 250ml


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Limescale forms when water is heated iside your machine. It may cause serious trouble for the coffee maker as the small parts of scale will block the boiler and tubes. Liquid descaler is an effective way to remove hard water scale from you appliance. This way your machine will always make impeccable coffee. Aqualogis Giallo removes scale from hard water in coffee machines and kettles yet is very gentle with your expensive automatic coffee maker.

  • fully automatic coffee machines
  • kettles
  • single brewers
  • steam appliances
  • steam irons

Compatible with these products:

  • Bosch: 00311864, TCZ6004
  • Delonghi: EcoDecalk DLSC500, 5513296041, DLSC200, 5513296011
  • Jura: 61848, 70751
  • Krups: F054, F054 00
  • Lavazza: 18400049
  • Melitta: Anti Calc
  • Miele: 5626050
  • Nespresso: 12282646, 5048-3
  • Nivona: 390 700 300 / NIRK 703, NIRK703
  • Philips Saeco: CA6700, CA6700/10, CA6700/99
  • Siemens: TZ80002N, TZ80002, 00311821, 311821
  • Sage: SEC250
  • Tassimo: TCZ6004

When to descale your machine?

You may have to do it more or less, depending on your cofee brewer, how often you make coffee, tea,  and the hardness of your water.

Mixture: Mix 125ml of Decalcifier VERDE with 400ml of water in your water tank. If your automatic coffee machine has a descaling programme, please follow the manufacturers steps and instructions. Alternatively, let all the liquid flow through your machine. Rinse out the water tank then the machine with clean water.

Please note: Descaling will not clean the machine from grease and other dirt, you have to use cleaning tablets or cleaning powder available in our store.

250ml bottle will last for 2 descaling cycles

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