Siemens Descaling Tablets TZ80002, Water Filter Compatible with TZ80002 6pk


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Coffee Machine Set for Siemens EQ Series 

1x Descaling Tablets Siemens TZ80002
6x Water Filter AL-Inte compatible with Brita Intenza, TZ70003

Bosch Siemens TZ80002N, 00311819 2-in-1 Descaling Tablets

Product specification:
  • Product Type: Descaling Tablets
  • Brand: Siemens
  • Model: TZ80002N
  • Quantity: 3 Tablets, 40g/each

Genuine replacement limescale remover descaler for your coffee machine.

  • This can fit washing machines sold by different manufacturers and brands.
  • For a full list of models this part/accessory is suitable for click on “See more product details” and then click “See all product details”.
  • This is a Genuine Product.
  • Take safety precautions when repairing all appliances. Repairs to gas appliances should only be made by a Gas Safe

Decalcifying Tablet is ideal for coffee machines and compatible with Bosch and Siemens models. It can improve appliance lifetime and performance. It removes limescale on a safe and reliable way. Regular decalcification provide for a good functioning and quality. Not for use with galvanised steel or enamel appliances.

The pack contains 3 descaling tablets. 40g each

Aqualogis AL-Inte Water Filter

Compatible with:  00575491,BRITA INTENZA, TZ70003, TZ 70003, TCZ7003, TCZ 70003


  • Brand: Aqualogis 
  • Model: AL-Inte
  • Product type: Coffee Machine filter
  • Capacity: 100 litres (250 cups)
  • Service Life: 2 months
  • TCA7 – TCC78, TK7, C77V60, CV7760N, VeroProfessional, CZ78, TE50, TE70, CM250, VeroBar,
  •  Serie | 8 CTL636ES6, CTL636ES1,CTL636EB6
  • VeroCup 300,Vero Cup 100,  TIS30129RW, TIS30321RW,
  • EQ.3 s100, EQ.3 s300, EQ.3 s500: TI301209RW, TI303203RW, TI305206RW, TI30A209RW, TI313219RW
  • EQ.5
  • EQ.6 plus s800, EQ.6 plus s700, EQ.6 plus s500, EQ.6 plus s400, EQ.6 plus s300, EQ.6 plus:
  • TE651209RW, TE653311RW, TE653318RW, TE654319RW, TE655203RW, TE655319RW, TE657319RW, E658209RW
  • EQ.7, EQ.7Plus,
  • EQ.8,
  • EQ,9 EQ.9 plus connect s700, EQ.9 plus connect s500, EQ.9 plus connect s500, EQ.9 s300 TI903209RW, TI923309RW, TI9553X1RW, TI9553X9RW, TI9573X1RW, TK76, TE71, TE80, BOSCH TCC, CM450, CMP450, TES50, TES70, TES71, TES80, Vero Selection


  • TCA6401/01, TCA7151DE/03, TCA760102, TCC78K750, TCC78K750/02, TCC78K750A/02, TCC78K750B/02, TCC78K751/06, TCZ7003(00), TES50321RW/10, TES50321RW/11, TES50328RW/04, TES50328RW/05, TES50328RW/10, TES50621RW/05, TKA6744/01


  • TE503201RW/01, TE503201RW/05, TE503209RW/01, TE503501DE/01, TE503509DE/01, TE506201RW/04, TE506201RW/05, TE506201RW/10, TE506209RW/02, TE506209RW/04, TE506209RW/05, TE506209RW/10, TE506209RW/11, TE506501DE/01, TE506S09/10, TE716219RW/20, TK54001/01, TK58001/01, TK70N01/01, TK70N01/02, TK70N01AT/01, TK70N01AT/02, TK70N01CH/01, TK70N01DE/01, TK70N01ES/02, TK70N01FR01, TK70N01IT/01, TK70N01NL/01, TK70N01PT/01, TK70N01PT/02, TK70N0XGB/02, TK71204RW/04, TK73001/01, TK73001/02, TK73001CH/01, TK73001GB/02, TK73005/01, TK73005/92, TK73005/93, TK73005/94, TK73201RW/03, TK73201RW/04, TK73201RW/94, TK73501DE/03, TK76001/01, TK76001/02, TK76001CH/01, TK76009/01, TK76009/02, TK76009/03, TK76009CH/01, TK76009GB/01, TK76011/03, TK76209RW/03, TK76209RW/04, TK76209RW/05, TK76501DE/03, TK76509DE/03, TK76F09/01, TK76F09/02, TK76F09/06, TK76K572/01, TK76K572/02, TK76K572/04, TK76K572/05, TK76K572CH01, TK76K572CH02, TK76K572GB/01, TK76K572GB02, TK76K572GB03, TK76K573/06, TK76K573/07, TK76K573/08, TK76K573CN/06, TK76K573GB/06,  CT636LES6, CT836LEB6
  • NEFF ™ C7660N0/03, C7660N0GB/01, C7660N0GB/03, C7660N0GB/04, C7660N1/03, C7660N1/04, C7660N1GB/03, C7660N1GB/04, C77V60N01/02
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Additional information

Weight 0.8 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 15 cm


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