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Saeco Philips Aquaclean CA6903/10, CA6903/22, CA6903/47 Water Filter Cartridge


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Saeco Aquaclean Genuine filter cartrige

Water Filter With AquaClean Philips Saeco CA6903/10, CA6903/00, CA6903/01, CA6903/22, CA6903/47

Have you bought a Philips Saeco coffee machine and expect your coffee to always taste great? Use the AL-Clean water and scale filter. This product ensures that the water is always clean and clear, and the coffee has an intense aroma. By using Aqualogis filters, you can prevent scale build-up from the water and thus extend its durability. 

Please note: this filter model will NOT replace Brita Intenza+ – you’ll need a Aqualogis Intense Plus filter

If you need cheaper filter please try our fantastic fully compatible filter Aqualogis AL-Clean

Key features of the AquaClean filter

  • Removes water scale
  • Intensifies the coffee aroma
  • Extends the durability of the Philips Saeco coffeemaker
  • Ion exchange technology removes water hardness
  • The microporous filter removes all impurities
  • Easy use

This model Fits:


HD8768 Moltio, HD8769 Moltio, HD8777 Moltio, HD8778 Moltio, HD8779 Intuita, HD8780 Minuto, HD8833 Syntia, HD8836 Syntia, HD8837 Syntia, HD8838 Syntia, HD8839 Syntia, HD8852 Energica, HD8858 Exprelia, HD8859 Exprelia, HD8861 Minuto, HD8862 Minuto, HD8865 Minuto, HD8869 Moltio, HD8880 Intelia, HD8880 Intuita, HD8881 Intuita, HD8886 Moltio, HD8887 Intelia, HD8900 Intelia, HD8902 Intelia, HD8904 Intelia, HD8906 Intelia, HD8911 Incanto, HD8912 Incanto, HD8913 Incanto, HD8914 Incanto, HD8915 Incanto, HD8916 Incanto, HD8917 Incanto, HD8918 Incanto, HD8919 Incanto, HD8920 Royal, HD8921 Incanto, HD8922 Incanto, HD8924 PicoBaristo, HD8925 PicoBaristo, HD8927 PicoBaristo, HD8930 Royal, HD8943 Xelsis, HD8944 Xelsis, HD8946 Xelsis, HD8953 Xelsis, HD8954 Xelsis, HD8975 GranBaristo, HD8977 GranBaristo, HD8978 GranBaristo, HD9712 Incanto, RI9753 Odea, RI9754 Odea, RI9755 Odea, RI9826 Talea, RI9943 Xelsis, RI9944 Xelsis, RI9946 Xelsis, SM3061 PicoBaristo, SUP037DRJ Syntia, SUP037DR Syntia, SUP037R Syntia, SUP038 Xelsis, SUP038Z Xelsis, Xelsis, Superautomatic Machine Models: SM7686 Xelsis, SM7685 Xelsis, SM7684 Xelsis, SM7683 Xelsis, SM7680 Xelsis



EP3550 3100 Series, EP3551 3100 Series, EP4010 4000 Series, EP4050 4000 Series, EP4051 4000 Series, EP5961 5000 Series, EP5960 5000 Series, EP5361 5000 Series, EP5360 5000 Series

Additional information

Weight 150 g













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