Horeca Commercial Coffee Machine Hospitality Filtration Scale Reducing Filter System


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Water Filter HORECA CWR2 NewLine

NewLine Catering / Vending filter can be used in a variety of applications as an alternative to ion exchange softening or other conventional water treatment methods. The maintenance-free characteristics make it especially suited for food service and commercial applications. NewLine filter preserves valuable minerals like calcium and magnesium in the water. Based on cutting-edge technology designed by German engineers 3rd generation of media – Bluesoft+

Filter with pre-filtration on a carbon block, removing mechanical impurities as well as chlorine and its derivatives. After the initial stage, the degree of raw water mixing is determined with the help of a bypass, and then the rest of the water undergoes softening in two CWR cartridges connected in series.


 Water filter developed especially for gastronomy and Vending business. Horeca CWR also provides optimal aroma and taste of tea or coffee, the integrated bypass mixes raw water and filtered water in optimal ratio.



 During filtration, the ions responsible for the carbonate hardness of the water are removed – thus preventing limescale in the equipment. In addition, the filter reduces unsightly streaks on the surface.

CTO filter cartridge with coconut shell activated carbon significantly enhances the taste and smell of the water and allows effective filtration of pollutants such as chlorine, certain pesticides, solvents, phenols, benzenes and other organic contaminants 

System Includes:

1. Activated Carbon Cartridge AC-GAC-10-NL

    Improves water taste and smell.  Removes organic impurities ( microorganism, bacteria, funghi), chlorine, lead and toxic heavy metals, pesticides, detergents and phenoles

1. Sediment Cartridge AC-PS-10-5-NL

    Removes sand, rust, river muld, fluvial silt, pollen, carbon dust and other precipitates,  Water is free of mechanical impurities. Cartridge protects  next stages of filtration

1. IonExchange Resin AC–CRW-10-NL

Prevents scale formation and preserves precious minerals such as Calcium and Magnesium. The unique mix of 3 different resins allows the system to work longer and without regeneration. Reduces scale formation.


  • Diameter: 67,5 mm Lenght 261 mm
  • Connection in/out 1/4 inch
  • Maximum operating pressure: 4 Bar
  • Maximum Flow 3,8 L/min
  • Operating temperature 2-38 °C
  • Cartridge life: max 500L / 6 months

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Horeca CRW2

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