Electrolux DD7098 4055164653 Genuine Fridge Water Filter


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Electrolux 3019974100 DD-7098 Genuine External Fridge Filter


  • is an original external refrigerator water filter
  • is a replacement cartridge for side-by-side refrigerators that use externally fitting cartridges
  • is designed to be installed on the 1/4″ diameter cold water supply line to the refrigerator/icemaker
  • connector type water filter Quick push-in connecters (John Guest connectors)
  • uses 1/4″ (6.35 mm) quick-connecting (push in) fittings


4055091047, 4055136446, 9029765899, 4055091096, 4055095238, 4055164653, 3019974100 / DD-7098, DD7098

Electrolux ENL60710S, S86090XVX0, ENL60710S1, ENL60710X, ENL60810X, ENL60812X, S85606SK, S85616SK, S85618S ENC60812X, SANTO S85606SK, SANTO S85616SK , SANTO S85618SK, S96090 XVM1

Installation and replacement procedure for the Genuine Electrolux DD7098 fridge water filter:

  • Turn off the cold water supply.
  • Remove the tubing from the ends of the old filter. Note: Take precautions as water will drain from the filter and pipes.
  • Discard the old water filter.
  • Align the new water filter with the water flow direction.
  • Insert tube into the end of the filter that the flow arrow points until the tube stop.
  • After inserting tube, put together the clip strongly.
  • Repeat on the other end of the filter.
  • Turn on the water supply.
  • Use the fridge dispenser to ensure that any air pockets are removed.
  • Check for any leaks.
  • Reset the “change filter” indicator light, if your fridge has one.

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Banseok Puritec



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