Bosch 9000 194412 UltraClarity Compatible Fridge Filter AL-914Ultra

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Bosch 9000 194412 UltraClarity Compatible Fridge Filter AL-914Ultra

The Aqualogis AL914Ultra water filter is placed inside an American style refrigerator (Balay, Bosch, Gaggenau, Neff, Siemens) FI18NP31/12 Internal Fridge Water Filter

Compatible Bosch Refrigerator Model Numbers:

  • B22CS30SNS, B22CS30SNS-01
  • B22CS50SNS, B22CS50SNS/01, B22CS50SNS/02, B22CS50SNS/03, B22CS50SNW, B22CS50SNW/01, B22CS50SNW/02, B22CS50SNW/03
  • B22CS80SNS, B22CS80SNS/01, B22CS80SNS/02, B22CS80SNS/03
  • B26FT70SNS, B26FT70SNS/01
  • Evolution 500 Series
  • Evolution 800 Series
  • KAD62 Series FID18P00/01 KAD62A70/01 KAD62A70/02 KAD62A70/03 KAD62A70/04 KAD62A70/05 KAD62A70/06 KAD62A70/07 KAD62A70/90 KAD62A70NE/01 KAD62A70NE/02 KAD62A70NE/03 KAD62A70NE/04 KAD62A70NE/05 KAD62A70NE/06 KAD62A70NE/07 KAD62S20/01 KAD62S20/02 KAD62S20/03 KAD62S20/04 KAD62S20/05 KAD62S20/06 KAD62S20/07 KAD62S20SD/01 KAD62S20SD/02 KAD62S20SD/03 KAD62S20TI/02 KAD62S20TI/03 KAD62S20TI/04 KAD62S20TI/05 KAD62S20TI/06 KAD62S20TI/07 KAD62S20TI/08 KAD62S21/01 KAD62S21/02 KAD62S21/03 KAD62S21TI/02 KAD62S21TI/03 KAD62S50/01 KAD62S50/02 KAD62S50/03 KAD62S50/04 KAD62S50/05 KAD62S50/06 KAD62S50/07 KAD62S50/90 KAD62S50TI/02 KAD62S50TI/03 KAD62S50TI/04 KAD62S50TI/05 KAD62S50TI/06 KAD62S50TI/07 KAD62S50TI/08 KAD62V40/01 KAD62V40/02 KAD62V40/03 KAD62V40/04 KAD62V40/05 KAD62V40/06 KAD62V40/07 KAD62V40/08 KAD62V40/09 KAD62V40AU/01 KAD62V40AU/02 KAD62V40AU/03 KAD62V40AU/04 KAD62V40GB/01 KAD62V40GB/02 KAD62V40GB/03 KAD62V40GB/04 KAD62V40GB/06 KAD62V40GB/07 KAD62V40GB/08 KAD62V40GB/09 KAD62V40GB/10 KAD62V40NE/01 KAD62V40NE/02 KAD62V40NE/03 KAD62V40NE/04 KAD62V40NE/05 KAD62V40NE/06 KAD62V40NE/07 KAD62V40NE/08 KAD62V40SA/01 KAD62V40SA/02 KAD62V40SA/03 KAD62V40SA/04 KAD62V40SA/05 KAD62V40SA/06 KAD62V40SD/01 KAD62V40SD/02 KAD62V40SD/03 KAD62V40SD/04 KAD62V50GB/01 KAD62V50GB/02 KAD62V50GB/03 KAD62V50GB/04 KAD62V50GB/05 KAD62V50GB/06
  • Linea 500 Series
  • Linea 800 Series
  • Operating Parameters : Water Temperature: 0,6°- 38°C Water Pressure : 30-120 psi maximum (207-827 kPa) Flow rate : 2,83 litre/minute Capacity : 2800 liters Certification NSF/ANSI Standard 42 and 53 : Reduction of class 1 particles (99%), sediments (98.8%), rust, cysts (99.99%) chlorine (97.5%) Improves smell and taste. Prevents the build-up of limescale and turbidity.

    Instructions for Installation : Please always refer to the suppliers installation manual Change the filter every 6 months Connect to cold water only Close the inlet tap of teh water supply Push the button and open the top of the filter Turn the cartridge one quarter trun anticlockwise and take out Remove the protective cap, insert the new cartridge and turn it clockwise until it locks Put the protective cap back on Open the water inlet of the water supply Clean the system for 5 minutes To reactivate the function « filter change »

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2 reviews for Bosch 9000 194412 UltraClarity Compatible Fridge Filter AL-914Ultra

  1. Vicky S.

    Brilliant service, quick and efficient, product exactly as stated 5*****

  2. Jane L.

    Worked well in my Siemens fridge, no leaking, tastes fine (I am no filtered water expert though) and was far better priced than the official ones.

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