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Aqualogis Decalc Descaling Tablets Compatible With Bosch 00311556 Coffee Machine


Bosch 00311556 Descaling Compatible Tablets Decalc

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Aqualogis Decalc Descaler Tablets for Bosch 00311556 Coffee Machine

Developed a descaling tablet to extend the service life of your coffee machine by removing scale and yet still being easy on your machine.

Product fully compatible with:

– Automatic bean to cup espresso coffee machines.

– Capsule coffee makers

– Sachet coffee machines

– Manual espresso coffee machines without a descaling programs

Suitable for the following Tassimo appliances:

Bosch Tassimo: TAS2001/06,  TAS2001GB/02,  TAS4011DE2/05,  TAS4011ES1/13,  TAS4013GB/03,  TAS4013GB/05, TAS4013GB/07,  TAS4013GB/09,  TAS4013GB/11, TAS4013GB/13, TAS4013GB/15,  Neff B45C42N0GB/01,  B45C42N0GB/35, B45C52N3GB/01,  B45C52N3GB/04,  B46C74N0/01, B46C74N0/35,  B46C74N0GB/01,  B46C74N0GB/35,  B46C74N0S/01, B46C74N3GB/01,  B46C74N3GB/04,  Siemens TC91100GB/01

How to use:  

Please check your coffee maker manuals before you use it.

1. Dissolve 1 or 2 tablets (depends on the scale level) in the 0.5 l of warm (about 40C) in the container. (Do not use hot water)

2. Pour the mixture into to water tank in your machine at the time specified in the machine instruction for use.

3. Follow the procedure as described in your machine manuals.

Each tablet – 15g 

Additional information

Weight 50 g



Aqualogis Decalc






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