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481248048172 Microban Antibacterial Air Filter For Whirlpool Fridge


Microban Air Filter

4000 in stock

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Microban Air Filter
Note: This is NOT a Water Filter but the AIR FILTER CARTRIDGE for Whirlpool fridges 100% of the fridge air passes through this high-tech filter. Microban active ingredients are incorporated into the polymer structure of the air filter during manufacture. They are evenly distributed throughout the fibres of the entire surface area and deep within the filter itself. Proven to be effective against: Listeria monocytogenes, Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli 0157, Salmonella enteritidis, Aspergillus niger. Whirlpool advise that Microban filters should be changed every six months.

Anti bacterial air filter Microban fits following refrigerators:

20FB-L4/A, 20RB-D1L, 20RB-D3J, 20RB-D3L, 20RB-D3SF, 20RB-D4APT, 20RB-D4LA, 20RI-D1L, 20RI-D3J, 20RI-D3LWP, 20RI-D3SF, 20RI-D4APT, 20RI-D4ESPRESS, 20RU-D1L, 20RU-D3J, 20RU-D3JJ, 20RU-D3L, 20RU-D3SF, 20RU-D3SS, 20RU-D4APT, 20RW-D3SF, 20SI-L4APG, 20TB-L4A, 20TM-L4A, 25RI-D4APT, 25RI-D4PT, ANTF-MIC, ARC1848, ARC185AQUA, ARC1888/IX, ARC4000, ARC4100, ARC4110, ARC6706/IX, ARC7451, ARC7451/1, ARC7453, ARC7453/1, ARC7453/1IS, ARC7453/1NBS, ARC7453/IS, ARC7472, ARC7472/AL, ARC7472/IX, ARC7472AL, ARC7510, ARC7517, ARC7517/IS, ARC7518, ARC7518/IX, ARC7518IS, ARC7518IX, ARC7550/IX, ARC7558/IXAQUA, ARC7559IXAQUA, ARC7593, ARC7593/1, ARC7593/1IS, ARC7593/IS, ARC7612, ARC7612/AL, ARC7650, ARC7650/AL, ARC7650/IX, ARC8009IX, ARG912, ART495/NF, ARZ001/A, CFS610S, FFWW2VAF20/0, FRBB2VAF20/0, FRBB36AF20/2, FRSB36AF20/2, FRSS2VAF20/0, FRUU2VAF20/0, FRWW2VAF20/0, FTSB36AF20/3, GRBB20/0L, GRBB2V20/0, GRSS20/0L, GRSS2V20/0WP, GRUU2V20/0, MICROBAN, S20E20BIL4A, WBC3525NFS, WBC3525NFW, WBC3546FCX, WM1624AW, WM1649WAQUA, WSC5313N, WSC5533AX, WSC5553AN, WSC5553AX, WSC5555AN, WSC5555AX


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